Posted by: Ramblin Gal | February 12, 2009

Tips for the Best Birthday Ever – 3 Free & Fun Things to Do on your Birthday!

I love deals and I find that Southern CA has a lot of them on your birthday. Here are three of my favorites!

It was my birthday on February 9. My Boyfriend flew in from Calgary and we spent several wonderful days together celebrating by ourselves and with others. Much of our activities was informal, like the football game I wrote about last time.

And these are activities that I love to do, anyway.

Even better when I get to do them for free on my birthday!

    Glen Ivy Hot Springs
    We went to the Corona, California location to enjoy the first half of my birthday soaking in hot pools, cold pools, steam rooms, mud pools, salt pools, natural spring pools, saunas, and any other other way you could possibly think of to relax in H2O (or lack of H2O in the case of the sauna).
    Free on your your birthday (only at the Corona location, because they are the only ones with a plethora of soaking options) and half-price 3 hours before closing (check for seasonal hours and rates).
    Right now I think they’re even doing a promotion that is buy-one-get-one-free on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But please double check on that.
    Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa
    25000 Glen Ivy Road Corona, CA 92883
    1-888-GLEN IVY (453-6489)
    Misty and Muddy at Glen Ivy

    Misty and Muddy at Glen Ivy

    They say free admission to the DisneyParks is just for 2009 but I heard about it in 2008 so maybe they will continue it into 2010.
    You have to sign up on their website and then your favorite Disney character will send you a Happy Birthday card and invitation via email about 2 weeks before your birthday. I signed up only a week before my birthday and received my invitation (from my buddy Goofy) immediately.

    Disneyland is Free on your Birthday! (me and Shawn on Space Mountain)

    Disneyland is Free on your Birthday! (me and Shawn on Space Mountain)

    Big Bear/Snow Valley Ski & Snowboard Resort
    Before this year, my birthday was spent on the slopes of Big Bear/Snow Valley Ski & Snowboard Resort, enjoying a free day in the sun and snow!
    This is a great deal, and worth taking advantage of.
    A day pass on your birthday will get you into both mountains. FYI, snowboarders tend to like Big Bear and skiers tend to gravitate more toward Snow Valley, though I used to love to bring my skis to Big Bear because I enjoy catching a bit of air once in a while. 🙂
    We didn’t do the ski resorts this time because we didn’t have enough time to squeeze in all three activities, and neither of us had equipment, so we decided to skip it.
    If you want to keep it really thrifty, stay at the Big Bear Hostel. Request a dorm. I’ve known the manager, Grayson, for years and have referred many satisfied people there.

    ***A SIDE NOTE***
    All of these activities can only be done ON your birthday. So be ready to squeeze a lot in or pick your favorite.
    Also, have your I.D. ready, because you can only get the deal if you have a valid ID (I used my driver’s license).

    Have fun, Have an Adventure and Have a Happy Birthday!



  1. Greetings from Glen Ivy!

    I noticed that you went to Glen Ivy recently and had a very enjoyable time! I am very glad to hear about that! Your “misty and muddy” photo is great! Like you said, we are offering 2-for-1 admission right now until Feb. 26, 2009. I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your boyfriend! It really looks like you two had fun! Hope to see you at the spa again soon!

    To your health and happiness!

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting…

      Is the 2-for-1 deal only on Tues, Wed, Thurs or is it all the time until the 26th? Just in case someone asks.

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